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Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Put The Sled Before The Dogs...

Well...I spoke too soon...first race: cancelled. :P

The local news did a little segment on it: 9/10 News
(If you look close, you'll see a pic of my team and I at the first Indian River race 2 years ago! My team is being led to the starting line so it's only a back shot...I'm wearing bib #14.)

However, they say every cloud has a silver lining and there is one here. Although the temps are going to reach almost 50 degrees F (!!!) tomorrow, they're going to go back to normal on Sunday and stay that way for the entire week. It's also supposed to snow on Sunday so as long as we get a couple of inches to cover the icy base we'll be left with after the warm up, we'll be good to go!
The trails in Kalkaska (destination of our next race) are said to look good so as long as they make it through the unseasonable temps tomorrow, we'll have a race next weekend!

We managed to get in some good runs before the temps rose and on one of those runs I brought along one of my cameras. Here's a little video I put together of the footage I got. :)
Small 'N' Mighty Racing Team Video

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