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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Annnd That's A Wrap!"

Wow, what a season! Short though it may have been, it was a good one still. The snow came late (better late than never, I suppose) and it's already showing signs of leaving for good.
We didn't get to an out-of-state race like we had planned but, there's always next year!

The Kinross Classic ended up being a go so we hauled ourselves up there to race some dogs and hang with sled dog people. We ran the 4 dog sport (as always) and came in 3rd place on Saturday in a class of 11 (starting from 10th place). On Sunday, the dogs got themselves into tangle after tangle coming out the starting chute which dropped us back to 6th place over all.
Things didn't go as I had planned (when does anything in life go as you planned it?? lol) but we had fun anyways, learned a lot, and armed with the knowledge we gained this season, we'll be ready to tackle 2014!

Sydney is doing excellent as a first time leader this year. I think she will enjoy the break over the summer, however, as the lead position is a tough one, especially for a young whipper snapper like her. ;) I have no doubts that she will be more than ready to get back into it next fall!

Jetta is doing AWESOME! She's been on 4 runs since she came to live with us and is taking to it like a duck takes to water. When I run her next to her sister, Char, I can hardly tell the difference in performance between the two - she does so well! Harness breaking her was a breeze...the hard part is going to be hanging onto her when it's time to hook up; that girl is WILD!

Well, the van has been stripped of all of my equipment and the temps are going to be quite warm all week...the sled dog season is wrapping up. I'm always sad to see it go but I know that the horse season is right around the corner...and I'm excited to get it started! I've been out of the saddle for too long...

I'd like to thank anyone and everyone that had ANYTHING to do with this years racing season, all of the people who gave up many hours of their lives so I could have fun and race my dogs... THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how much you are appreciated. :)

Look out for us next winter...we might be ready to kick butt in the 6 dog class! ;D

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