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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Changing Seasons, Changing Paths

What's that? The leaves are changing? The air is getting colder? It must be Fall! 
Yes, the seasons are changing once again. Its time to put away the beach towels and sunscreen and begin getting ready for Fall.  The harnesses will be brought out shortly here at the kennel to begin fall training. 

Fall training is starting sort of late this year for us...we usually have a few runs under our belt before now. I have been just too busy to even begin getting my equipment out of storage. 
Things are slowing down a bit now, however, and I'm hoping the temps will go down soon as well. 
Then the fun can really begin! ;)

I'm not sure what this season is going to look like this year. Unfortunately, we won't be going into the 6-dog class like I had hoped after last season. My last trusty leader, Salsa, will probably be retiring from the race team this year. 
So, that will leave me with a bunch of young and crazy hooligans. Sydney, Char, Jazz, and Jetta will make up the race team this year. We're definitely going to have to work our tails off before racing starts. 

Unfortunately, this will be the last year that the Small 'N' Mighty team will be racing. I have more dogs retiring than I do racing and it was decided a while ago that no more dogs would be added to the kennel. 
It's been a fun 8 year ride and I'm very sad to see that the end of it is in sight. I don't know what it's going to be like when fall rolls around with in the next couple of years and I don't have a team to train for racing. It will be a sad time, I know that for sure. 

All of the dogs will be staying here at the kennel to live out their retirement. I'll still do things with the 3 young'uns, I'm sure...might even do a dryland race or two in the fall with them. 
Other than that, though, this will be our last season racing. We're gonna give it all we've got!

Sorry to end things on a sad note but I've gotta run! Now that summer is over, my blog entires won't be so scarce (hopefully). 

Enjoy the beginnings of fall everyone! 

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